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Hop on Forgotten Umbrellas' Night Train! Take a trip through the collective trauma of umbrella-kind, framed as a never-ending train ride to illustrious locations such as the Lost & Found department of various train operators, and more.

Not-so bullet-hell platformer

Use your umbrella to block bullets! Use WASD to direct your umbrella, and the arrow keys to move. Just touching your umbrella is enough to damage enemies, so no need to choose between offense or defense.

Don't block fire

Umbrellas are flammable! Not only can't you block fire, merely touching it with your umbrella is enough to take damage.

Basic controls:

  • Left/Right: Move Kogasa
  • Up: Jump
  • Up (while mid-air): Glide
  • WASD: aim your umbrella to attack enemies and block bullets.
  • Space: advance dialogue.

Note: you cannot block in any direction except upwards while gliding.

Advanced controls:

  • 'R' : reset the level
  • Esc: Pause

Credits:  Aqwa (https://twitter.com/aqwwa58), create2019 (https://create2019.itch.io/), Everii (https://twitter.com/Eveiira), Kytra (https://kytra.itch.io/), mojo (https://twitter.com/mozzydippers). See README.txt for a list of external assets used.

Touhou Project original concept, characters, and other elements are the property of ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice. This game is a fanmade work made according to the official guidelines. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original creators.

Made as a submission to the Touhou Game Jam 8. Theme of the game: Dream.


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